Why the female sex needs to Get Radical if we want REAL liberation


The time is now.  The liberal, wishy-washy, let’s talk about it position on achieving equality for women and female bodied people has failed.  Those of us who believe in our own innate worth, must fight or see our personhood flounder, see our rights and status and the status and rights of others like us infringed.

When the most powerful country in the world elects an open bigot for president, and the mechanisms of government that pass themselves off as democracy do nothing to remove him but continue to enable him, then the bell calling for change is tolling loudly.

We must answer that bell.  We must rise up and form a resistance movement that is so cohesively united in one singular aim, the cause of justice for women and for female bodied people.

Too long we have been passive, too long we have been co-opted into compromise.  Misguidedly, albeit with the best of intentions, we have often taken the middle road, diluted our revolutionary power and adopted the liberal position.  We have tried to convince those with hate in their hearts to join us in the call for justice.

Quite clearly, this does not work.  Persuasive argument may work for some people, but for others, it will never work, not ever.  They do not feel our injustice, many times, they do not even care it exists.  Even worse, often they need to cling to the idea they are superior in some way, by sheer dint of being born of the male sex.

And it must go further than just an organised resistance in America.  The deliberate disenfranchisement of women and female bodied people is a multi-headed hydra that has spread its tentacles to the furthest reaches of the globe.

The road forward is clear then.  Global, organized, strategic, resistance to the oppression of the female sex and total intolerance of misogyny, all the time, everywhere.  All of us who are born of the female sex, all of us who care deeply for women and female bodied people, all who feel so acutely the burning injustice of continued, outrageous inequality, must join the fight.

Do you benefit from the way things are?

If you do not benefit from the current status quo, which far too often allows misogyny both covert and overt to be excused, then, unless you agree in sanctioning your own suppression you must wake up.  We are not currently being treated with equal fairness, we are not receiving equal respect, so we must get over our petty differences and unify as one solid movement with a lion’s roar so loud it can never be silenced.

Yes there will be differences between those of us who cannot agree on the right language or pronouns to use.  On whether trans is a thing, or whether it is betraying the female sex to adopt a masculine identity.

But this is not important right now.

What is important is whether you are a trans male, non-binary, or a woman, you have a vagina so thus, in our current society’s eyes you are second class.

We must change this.  We can agree on the semantics later, we can allow ourselves the luxury of debate about such things, later.

If it comes to it, not that it will in a Western country, we must even die for this cause, the cause of reclaiming our personhood.  There is no other choice.  There is no more important thing than dignity.



Unify against the root problem – misogyny

Until now  feminism has been deliberately splintered, largely by outside forces.  The idea of basic social justice for the female sex is so threatening to some males it has been stigmatized, in order to deter women and female bodied people who would benefit from joining the clamor for justice.

The word feminism has been tarred with negative images, and is now considered a dirty word, a word a lot of young women, older women, and other female bodied people take great pains to  to avoid identifying with.

Those who fight for feminist causes are often fighting among each other or, have largely abandoned the fight for female liberation and are using their valuable energies to fight for other movement’s causes.

It’s not wrong of course, to support others struggles for liberation and we must and should do this for one simple reason.

Justice for all is the natural state of humanity.  All people should and must be equal.

However, when we refuse to fight for ourselves, we relegate our own worth to second class status.  When we will lend our voices to every other roar for justice and equal standing but our own we betray ourselves.

Why won’t the female sex stand up and say I’m worthy?

We voluntarily give away our own personhood.  Why?  Why would we do this unless we were conditioned so effectively to self-hate?  To accept gratefully the few crumbs that have been flung at us; token females in high power positions, laws that mandate for equality but do not deliver it in practice.

Society expects us to do this because it has taught us to hate ourselves well.  It is swaggeringly, grossly over-confident in the female sexes enduring ability to imbibe the propaganda that bashes us about the head from the cradle, and to keep silent.

What it does not expect is for us to fight.  To raise our heads in a great roar that demands change, not just under law but in society’s entire approach to the female sex.

We must mandate for what is acceptable for the female sex, for ourselves.  We are the only ones that should, and we are the only ones that have the right to do so.

Currently we are living in a surreal, slanted world.  Created entirely from the male perspective and constructed to benefit only that sector of the demographic, we cannot continue to live in this illusion of a world, nor to play by its rules.


Rip up society and create a new one from the rags

If we continue to operate by the rules of the current system we will always lose.  The system will always find a way to silence us, to subvert our energies.

  We must make a new world.  If that sounds impossible, consider this.  We have the numbers.  Overnight, if the entire female sex willed it so, the status of women and female bodied people could radically change in society’s eyes.

Not in everyone’s minds, I am not suggesting misogynists would just shrivel up and die overnight, but we don’t need them too.

Half the population is not a minority, it is a body politic with immense power.

The power to shape a culture, to say whether it is acceptable or not for a 65 year old female news to present a show with a 25 year old male, the absolute inverse of what we currently deem acceptable.

We can create overnight, a culture with the power to uplift elderly women instead of consigning them to the dustbin, while hypocritically championing their aged male counterparts, bestowing them unfairly with wisdom, learning, status.

This must all change.  It must change now.  It is the female sex who continues to uphold the status quo.  Of course the male sex seeks to maintain it but it is us, or some of us at least who are still upholding it.

We do the dirty work for them.

How about we start by stopping that?

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