How to disrupt Liberal Feminism ( and help women see it hates people with vaginas)


Current liberal culture says feminism is only acceptable if it’s also intersectional.  The problem is, intersectionality in our patriarchal culture means male interests over females.

This is because our current culture has convinced itself women aren’t really full people.  It has to convince itself of this to avoid the truth.  Because if you can rationalise that it is okay to say there is a right way for a female to look, to act, to dress but it is wrong to say there is a right way for a male to look, to act, to dress, then as a sane person you have to concede that makes you a hypocrite.

No one wants to be a hypocrite so people have to convince themselves that women aren’t full people, that they don’t matter as much as males in order to justify the glaring inequity.

They then have even more work to do.  Because it’s hard to maintain a lie particularly such an obvious one.  They have to convince the people being treated unfairly, that it’s  okay they are being treated this way.

One way of doing this is to pretend this isn’t happening.  This is the school of thought behind the promotion of ideas like “everyone’s equal now” and “we have equality now”.

After the second wave of the Seventies had made many gains for women there was a cultural backlash which harnessed this technique, quite effectively,  up until relatively recently this was the broad cultural consensus in our society.

After a while though, women started to realise that they still do not have equality. That misogyny is still widely acceptable in our culture.  And the election of Donald Trump highlighted this fact further.

This malcontent among women is rather very threatening to those who benefit the most from the patriarchy, i.e male people because it means women might finally come together collectively and do something to actually change the status quo.

So another technique had to be employed, and this one is even more sneaky.

A new scheme has taken hold.  This latest ruse pretends to recognise that misogyny and inequality actually does exist while preventing women from taking effective action to tackle it by creating another, perceived underclass.  Enter the liberal feminist movement.

The liberal feminist movement operates under one main doctrine – Intersectionality.


Intersectionality is not optional in liberal feminism, it is mandatory.

Intersectionality dictates that privilege works according to a hierarchy.  That if you are black and female you are more disenfranchised than someone who is white and female.

Nothing wrong with that in principle.

However, because Intersectionality is hierarchical and not a collective, in  liberal feminism transgender people, and in particular transgender women, are considered to be more disenfranchised than female bodied people.

This means that if you have been born biologically male, have been socialized as a male, enjoying all the privilege and entitlement that comes with that, but then make the decision to ID as female, you are perceived as suffering more discrimination and being more hated by society than someone who was just born into a female body.

This “trans women” have it harder than natal females thing is justified in libfem for several reasons.

One of them is because transgender women face prejudice from the fundamentalist Christian right.

Hang on a minute, so do born females.  Most evangelical or fundamentalist Christians want to stop access to abortion, think being lesbian makes you demonic, believe a woman’s place is to be subordinate to a man, and in some cases, even think pregnancy can’t occur if a woman is raped , and criminalize a woman for having a miscarriage.

Liberal feminism also justifies that trans women face more prejudice than natal women because they look different than natal women and so their identities often aren’t validated.

But hang on a minute, those born of the female sex face being judged on their appearances every day.  Their identities and their opinions aren’t considered to matter.  The proof is in the dogma.  Ask a liberal feminist if you don’t believe me. Ask a liberal intersectional feminist (which is nearly every liberal feminist nowadays) if you are allowed to talk about the fact that discrimination that’s based on birth sex happens.

You’re not.  What you have to say is that trans women and women are exactly the same and they face exactly the same problems and discrimination including misogyny, and that actually trans women face more prejudice.

They say that if someone is a trans woman, even if they look like a man, and everyone still sees them as a man, then they are facing misogyny.

Hang on a minute.  Isn’t misogyny rooted in a hatred of women?

The dictionary says so.  But if people don’t see you as a woman, how can this be so?  And before a load of trans women scream at me, this is not the same as saying you are not a woman.  I am not saying you are not a woman, so don’t threaten me with your TERF slurs okay. Been there done that, it was very insightful.  More on that later.

Let me tell you about one of my brushes with the delightful world of liberal feminism.

First some context.

I am a born female whose gender ID is male. I don’t pass as a male in society, though I take male hormones, I dress and present in what our current society would dub ” masculine way”.  I go by male pronouns, though my identity is not so fragile, nor my liberal consciousness developed sufficiently to insist everyone must use them.  Nor do I believe everyone must validate my identity or agree with the idea that transgenderism is a thing.  I am not challenged by hearing different points of view.  I also do not believe you can change your birth sex, a biological impossibility.

Let me tell you something.  I can assure you when everyone looks at me, at this point, most people guess I have a female body.

It’s not pleasant being me out there.  But it’s not because of what’s in my head, my “gender” identity, or because I fall under what would be dubbed the “trans” umbrella.

They judge me because when they see me they see someone they know was born female and the way I look is unacceptable if you are female.

That is misogyny.  Misogyny because the idea is, I have a female body so therefore I should look a certain way. Or would liberals say, in some parallel universe, that what I am actually suffering is homophobia?

If on the other hand, someone  has a male body and looks like a man (whether they identify as a man or not) and whether they are in a dress and heels or not, people in our very gender stereotypical society will still generally see a man.


If someone has an averse reaction to a trans woman on the street, it’s because the idea that a man should be able to wear a dress and heels is repulsive in our gender stereotyped culture.

Isn’t that closer to a homophobic reaction related to an inherent fear of boys being too effeminate and therefore, gay?  It could also be misandry, a hatred of men, except, our culture doesn’t hate men, so…problematic.

Since my experience of being discriminated by society is so horrible, I decided to bring it up in the wonderful utopia that is intersectional feminism in a Facebook Group entitled Feminism and Intersectionality 101 or some such title.

I mentioned that I hadn’t been haven’t a jolly time of things, posted a relevant blog link to an article I had written about feminism, and mentioned that I would like to talk about the prejudice the female sex faces based on the fact they are, well the female sex.

The first answer I got was that I should die a fiery death.

The second answer I got was how dare I say Transgender Women weren’t women. (I hadn’t suggested this, not in my blog post, not in the post)

The third answer I got was that if you have a uterus and ovaries those aren’t inherently female things.  (Problematic?)

The fourth answer I got was that penises can be incredibly female actually, how dare I suggest otherwise.  (Also, problematic?)

The fifth answer I got was that I was an evil TERF, and not just an evil TERF but a garbage person with trash can views.  (Though I had heard it bandied about before, I wasn’t sure what exactly a turf was at that point but later that day I found out that it meant –  Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.  Sounds terrifying right?

I actually learned this valuable information from a trans woman who had also recently been dubbed a TERF by liberal intersectional feminists for daring to state that you can’t change your birth sex)  As you might guess, the fact that both I and this trans lady had been dubbed a TERF made me feel a bit confused.


So liberal feminism seems to believe that discrimination can’t be based on sex , and that misogyny can happen even if you look like a man, and society sees you as a man, no matter how much you might want them to see you as a woman.


It is a bit.  Because it means that if you’re a liberal intersectional feminist, and have a female body, you can’t say you suffer misogyny because you were born female, look female, society perceives you as female and therefore treats you as second class.  In fact, you can’t say that you were born female at all.  Born females don’t exist anymore apparently, liberal feminism dictates, bodies can’t be female.

Without being able to state these basic facts, you can’t really begin to challenge misogyny.

Definitely problematic.


I don’t know, is there something wrong with this mode of thinking or not?  I’ll leave it up to you to decide, since unlike liberals,  I don’t like telling people what to think.

A few more things I learned about liberal feminism.  If you are a liberal feminist, while you can’t acknowledge that bodies can be born biologically female, you must recognise any gender anyone says they are and call them by whatever title they wish to be addressed.  More than this, if you do not actually see them as this thing they say they are, or even dare to hold an opinion that differs from theirs regarding gender, or use any word they don’t like, you will be told you are a violent, evil TERF and should die in hell.  Usually by trans women, but sometimes by men, trans guys, women, who have been co-opted into this, or maybe lobotomized, I’m not quite sure yet.

Let me make this clear.  You must, if you are a liberal feminist recognise all of the 56 genders Facebook currently offers, as well as many others. These include the rather razzy named Stargender, and also you must accept the validity of someone being a Gender Unicorn.

This is’s current definition of what it means to identify as Stargender.

“Star Gender is a gender that can be broken up into 3 different definitions. The first is simply having the gender of a star. The second is “an other-worldly/non-human gender” which is likened to being beyond comprehension. The third is “no matter how many genders are discovered/coined, none would match for the person.” 

You cannot question that some of this might sound slightly absurd. It is not optional in the NewSpeak of Liberal Feminism.

If you happen to have a vagina and you’re reading this, and you haven’t been lobotomized by Liberal Intersectional Feminists yet, you might be feeling like this all sounds not much like feminism at all.

You might be right XD

Unfortunately the members of the female sex who have been lobotomized can’t see that this is all, well a bit slanted, shall we say, the poor dears.

And if you try and explain to them, that actually this all sounds a bit misogynistic and unfair, they will look at you like you’d just tried to explain that you identify as a gender that is “an other-worldly/non-human gender” which is likened to being beyond comprehension.”

Oh no wait never mind, that’s acceptable.  But to say you were born female isn’t.  Must remember the NewSpeak.

Here’s a suggestion of how to help the poor lobotomized dears see what’s really going on:

How to hijack liberal feminism and expose the hypocrisy in three easy steps

Step one – Join a Intersectional Feminist Group.  I know, it sounds scary but just do it.

Step two – Watch.  If there is a post that involves liberals obviously trampling over females to privilege males like say a news article on how Germany has legalised brothels.


Step three – Comment with something that goes along with their ideology but exposes the deeper inequality.  DON’T point out the inequality blatantly or you’ll be exposed as a non lobotomized female and they’ll either attempt to lobotomize you, call you an evil TERF, or tell you to suck their girl cock.  (This was another thing that was actually said to me.)

This would be an appropriate comment to make on the above subject.

“Hrrm, after reading this I think this is good because disabled men have a right to sex.  I mean I know some people say that in brothels women have suffered abuse, some are trafficked etc, and that it’s fundamentally wrong that men think they can buy women for sex, and that working as a sex worker isn’t really a choice because these women don’t have other options but ultimately, I think, if there isn’t an actual gun pointing at these women’s heads, I think the bigger, more important takeaway here is that disabled men don’t lose their right to have sex with women.”

The trans women, and natal men  might react to this rather strongly because what you’ve done is exposed the obvious hypocrisy.  Sometimes you have to tell a lie to reveal a deeper truth.  They might call you sarcastic, ask you what you are playing at, accuse you of being a radical feminist in disguise, or tell you to suck their girl cocks.


This is a gift because then you get to ask what you have said wrong by suggesting going along with their ideology and saying that it’s a good thing that disabled men have a right to sex.  Which gives you a chance to attract even more posters and attention comments and expose the lie further.

You need to do this because…

What you say will stick in the minds of those reading it who are born female because something about it will jar with their experiences of life. Something about will sound wrong to them.  Because it is wrong, obviously.  It will sound wrong because it is exactly what it is, an obvious statement of hypocrisy that neatly points out that men’s rights matter more than the abuse of female sex workers.

Those of the female sex who read your post might not immediately realize exactly why what you say feels wrong of course, they might not immediately abandon the madness that is liberal feminism and come to the radical feminist position.

But over time the thought will marinate and the seed that something is going on that is not quite fair to women, will grow into a bud and it will begin to irritate.  It will irritate and it will fester inside their minds like a devious little mind worm and eventually it will erupt inside them and they won’t be able to ignore the glaringly obvious fact that


And the jig will be up;)

If enough of us employ this rather deliciously sneaky little trick of reverse psychology in as many situations as we can, not just on Facebook but on the internet and in real life situations whenever relevant, more of the female sex will feel itchier, sooner.

And the itchy ones, will start to ask questions about the NewSpeak and Liberal Intersectional Feminism and they will start to question it and so on and before you know it, they will decide that yes, misogyny based on birth sex is a thing.  That they want to do something about it.

And that liberal feminism, with it’s 56 genders, multiple pronouns, TERF slurs, and army of trans women ready to stuff their girl cocks down the throats of any who dare to state the simple truth that yes you can be born biologically female,  is never going to tackle it because, well, it doesn’t like people with vaginas very much.




2 thoughts on “How to disrupt Liberal Feminism ( and help women see it hates people with vaginas)”

  1. Kudos to you for having an actual workable strategy for dispelling bullshit! I don’t think I’m quite up to acting as you describe, but perhaps I can find my own way to help the brainwashed get free.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely! We all should do what we can, in our own way, as it all helps. I 100% agree with your choice of the word “brainwashed” it strikes me as a cult mentality, the way that they ban and demonise words and opposing opinion.


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