Dear liberal feminists from a radfem sister

Dear Liberal Feminists,

If you are a liberal feminist, you probably see self proclaimed radical feminists like me as the enemy. After all, you’ve been taught to hate feminists like me, yet do you ever wonder why, when all we are fighting for is women’s liberation from male violence, male domination, and male control?

Women make up around 52% of every countries population, when we unite sisterhood is so powerful. You only have to look to the past, to the incredible gains made for women by our Second Wave sisters, to see what can happen when women unite.

Who would benefit from turning us against each other?

In whose interests do you think it is, to prioritize male interests and whims, over female bodied people’s real needs, real oppression, and real concern?

I am not against you but we both know we live in a patriarchy, and though you are probably familiar with that word, you might not realise exactly what it means, what it has done to you, to me, to all of us in society, even to men.

Patriarchy had taught us all to hate women, taught us all too well.

So well, so effectively, even when we are women ourselves, patriarchy teaches us that other women, even when they fight with our best interests at heart, are the enemy, if they dare put female needs over male ones.

Do you really believe a white, middle class trans “woman” born into a male body, and all the privilege that comes with having one, is truly more oppressed than a black working class biologically female lesbian?

The liberal left tells you yes, trans women are more oppressed, the most oppressed. And you follow what they say, and turn against your sisters, sisters who are fighting for your rights, who will always fight for your rights, even though you hate us, spit in our faces and scream TERF at us over and over again.

We are fighting for you because we love you, we love all women, even the ones that piss us off, even the ones that spit and scream in our faces.

We love women because we are women and we have unlearned the lessons of patriarchy which teaches us to hate ourselves.

Loving women is not something our society encourages. That’s why it hates radical feminists so much, because we do love women, and we will fight for women’s interests, over men’s.

So you attack us, following the current liberal dogma, screaming TERF even though somewhere inside, if you really stop and think, you know something feels wrong.

Why does it feel wrong sometimes?

Think about who is telling you to turn against us?

Who tells you trans women are the most oppressed, who screams it the loudest?

Does this sentiment most often and most strongly come from male mouths, or female ones?

Has your movement ever centred ONE thing that exclusively could ONLY effect biological females?

You know, things like child brides, honour killings of Muslim women, female infanticide, abortion, poor girls who are prevented from going to school because of lack of access to sanitary products, Female Genital Mutilation, breastfeeding mothers?

Think about it.

Now ask yourself this question.

Do you really still think you’re part of a truly feminist movement?

The reason for most women’s oppression is our biology, not our gender identity.

This is not to say, some passing trans women, won’t be perceived as having female biology and suffer some, a tiny fraction of the discrimination that born women face from birth.

But even then, they have a lifetime of male socialisation, male privilege, and they still have male biology, a biology our society loves, a body we privilege in nearly every walk of life.

Are you sure your movement really cares about women with female biology?

How can you be sure when they tell you female biology doesn’t exist, that a vagina is not female, that uteruses are just a body part?

Do you believe that’s true?

Do you really believe trans women’s are women just because they say they are?

Do you really, truly believe that a female child in Pakistan could tell her “husband” she was male, and he would not force her into marriage, not force her into his bed?

If not why not?

Is it because of her biology?

Is it because you know, deep down, that saying something doesn’t necessarily make it so, particularly when it comes to ignoring the scientific fact of biology?

Could your father have given birth to you?

If not, why not?

All we are doing, us witches, us TERFS, is trying to keep the hard won sex based rights, and legal protections, our sisters secured for women back in the 70’s and 80’s.

We are doing this not because we hate trans people, because we don’t hate them, nor do we wish them any harm.

We don’t want to stop trans people dressing how they want, or even changing their bodies, if they want, though we don’t want the medical establishment to give harmful blockers like Lupron to children under the age of 16.

We definitely would be the first ones out screaming on the streets if anyone tried to take away the protections and rights that trans people currently have under the protected category of Gender Reassignment, which guarantees them access to healthcare, respect, and protection from discrimination.

We definitely think it would be healthier to dismantle the system of gender itself, which pushes harmful, limiting stereotypes on men and women, than it is to medicate healthy bodies, and cut of healthy sexual organs.

But we can’t stop grown adults doing what they want to their bodies and we don’t want to. That’s not what this is about.

What this is about are the harmful proposed Self ID laws the UK government and many other governments around the world are currently considering. We don’t agree with allowing anyone to self identify and say they are a woman just because they say so..

Because in this patriarchal society, which hates women, and resents the gains towards liberation we have made, we know what is likely to happen if you allow just anyone to say they are a woman.

We know because it’s already happening.

Women can’t say we suffer oppression because of our biology. We can’t state this simple fact or we are called TERFs. You know this is true because this is what you call us yourself.

And soon, it will be hate speech to speak this simple truth.

But will that stop the female genital mutilation, the sexual harassment that women exponentially suffer from because men see female biology and assign lesser value to it, the rapes, the lack of sanitary protection for poor women, the domestic violence, the murder, the many, many degrading pornographic images and videos of people with female biology.

Can you be sure the Self ID law won’t be abused by predators like Ian Huntley, who is now self identifying as Nicola, the name of one of his victim’s mother?

Will making female biology hate speech end all the injustice and oppression biological women and girls suffer from?

Will passing self ID guarantee that predatory men who hate women won’t use it as a chance to trample over the gains born women have made?

If so, carry on doing what you are doing.

If not, you might want to reconsider whose interests you are fighting for when you centre male interests, and place male needs over women’s, over your own.

I know you’re just trying to survive in a world that hates women, people with female biology.

I know it feels good to feel like your the special one, the cool girl, the one who isn’t hated by men.

But they only act like they don’t hate you because at the moment at least you’re useful to them. You do everything they tell you to do don’t you?

Have you tried to see what would happen when you voice a contrary opinion or try to centre your own female needs to Leftie men like Owen Jones?

I think inside you already know.

Do you really think when they won’t even let women organise against our own sex oppression as class, that Leftie men really care about you?

You are a woman after all. And not the kind liberal left guys like Owen Jones like.

You’re have the wrong biology for that I’m afraid.

The worst part is, liberal left is guys like Owen Jones don’t even see trans women as women.

They show that they see trans women as men, by centering them, and supporting them, even when trans women threaten violence to an incredibly oppressed group, biological women and girls.

Leftie men like Owen Jones show that they really see trans women as men when they let trans women tell born women how to identify, telling us we must use the term cis.

Leftie guys like Owen won’t even let born women define ourselves, let alone define anyone else.

That’s how we know they see trans women as men. But they see you as a woman. They will always see you as just a woman.

Because of your biology.

And if one day you need help and support, they won’t be there for you, because they don’t care.

But we care. And we will always be there.

If you think that by selling your sisters out, by turning away from us, or by screaming TERF at us, it will make the kind of men who hate women love you or even like you, you are sadly mistaken.

The only kind of women they will ever like or love, are the kind they really see as men.

If you are reading this, know we radical feminists will always fight for you. But we can’t guarantee we will win, because women are hated, especially women who fight for other women.

We will never give up,though we wish you would join us.

Because the simple truth is, if you and other women like you stand with us, if all women stand with us, we know we could end all this injustice, put a stop to all the oppression.

We know this because we, women are half the population, and we know this because sisterhood is powerful.


Your radfem Sister


Backlash Part One – The Great Libfem Con


Why were feminists always hated until now? We are witnessing a strange new phenomena, an age where even men seem keen to don the label feminist.


It might seem good on the surface right, like finally men have grown some empathy or something?


Just what we women always hoped for eh?


Unfortunately, this is far from the case.


Feminism used to be a dirty word, because feminism used to challenge the patriarchal system of dominance.


Now feminism has been blunted, in the guise of liberal feminism, it poses no threat to the male system of dominance over women aka patriarchy.  


So of course it’s not a dirty word anymore, in fact it’s a useful word, as it conditions women into thinking they aren’t oppressed anymore because everyone, everything, is feminist now.


Now, feminism is the progressive buzz word on everyone’s lips in the West, political parties are keen to champion the cause, celebrities of both sexes regularly claim to be feminists, and the term is constantly bandied about in popular media.


You’d think, with all this apparent newfound enthusiasm for all things feminist that the centuries old system of patriarchy would be done with by now wouldn’t you?


Scratch ever so lightly the glossy surface of the utopia liberal feminism imagines every women to be living in though, and the inequities and injustices are glaringly obvious.


Once women see the truth of their own oppression through the lens of radical feminism, they can’t deny it.


Liberal feminism masks women’s oppression but because it does this, it’s extremely vulnerable to reality.


Even something as simple as asking a liberal feminist conditioned woman if she really believes she’s treated with the same respect as her male colleague, husband, or brother, can create a  powerful triggering effect that forces her to confront a reality, she’s long suspected existed, but that her liberal feminist ideology forced her to suppress.


Other great questions to ask a liberal feminist or any woman who has bought into the liberal lie of equality…


Why are high acheiving women still regularly paid 20% less than their male counterparts?


Why, is there a 5.7% prosecution rate of all rape cases committed upon females in England and Wales?


Why is it a human rights violation for a biological male to be denied the right to define themselves as a woman but absolutely fine for women to be told they cannot talk about the basic facts of their biology?


And if we really are all equal now, why are women’s appearances constantly scrutinized while men’s largely left alone, no matter how they appear?


Gay men have more cultural visibility now, including feminine gay men, but where is the Butch lesbian? Where, even is the lesbian at all?


And why is it considered taboo  to ask a gay man to consider a relationship with a biological woman, or a straight man to consider a relationship or sexual encounter with a male, but expected that lesbian’s at least consider accomodating biological men aka trans women in their beds?


Could it be that for all the hyperbole liberal feminism is not really feminism at all?


Could it be women still have a need, a very great need for actual feminism, radical feminism, real feminism? The kind of feminism that gives women the solution to their actual problem – male cultural domination.


Feminism used to have fangs, which was why men didn’t like it very much.


Why would they? Feminist philosophy challenged the unequal slave caste system they had built for themselves on every level.


Radical feminists dismantled the social untruths men had been peddling for centuries, such as women weren’t equipped to be engineers, mechanics, or math professors, providing men with reams of evidence to the contrary, women excelling in these and all of the other fields we’d previously been barred from entering.


We did this by raising consciousness in females, awakening them to their own oppression, and offering them a healthier alternative than the patriarchal system that limited their lives.


We did this by pressuring the patriarchal system to allow women access to opportunities, education, and jobs previously denied to us.


Thanks to the Second Wave of feminist activity in the 70’s, we forced the doors open to so many areas of life we had been previously excluded from.


We also challenged the rigid sex stereotypes that dictated women should always be feminine.


This was important and went way beyond mere superficial appearances because by first dubbing feminine inferior, then forcing women to be feminine,  and dictating to us what feminine looks like, men had successfully subordinated us to the role they like women in best – servile and passive.


So we rejected the sex stereotyping that told us we must wear make up, wax the hair from our bodies, and don painful stilettos that cripple our feet and cause us injury. We did this because not all of us were feminine, some of us were masculine,  and certainly none of us were feminine in the way men wanted us to be.  


We redefined what the feminine actually is, which looks nothing like the patriarchal construct of femininity, and we also asserted that women can have masculine traits, behaviours, appearances, manners of speech, ways of sitting, and styles of dress, and that this is totally normal and natural.


We did this because in all our glorious diversity as females, whether we were a masculine expressing female or a feminine expressing one, we wanted to be ourselves.  


Previously, before the Second Wave,only men were allowed to be themselves and we weren’t having that anymore.


We wanted to be truckers and oil rig workers, mechanics, and math professors, CEOs and bankers, we wanted to wear pants and cut our hair, we wanted to go make up free, and yes, of course some of us didn’t want those things but that was fine too.


Because not all men want to be truckers and CEOs and bankers and mechanics either. Not all men want to wear pants, some of them want to wear dresses, some of them are much more comfortable staying home and looking after the kids than holding down a 9-5 and being the main breadwinner.


That never held back the men that did want those things though.  Why should it, when people are naturally diverse, why should people be limited?


Except of course, women were not considered people back before the Second Wave occurred.


And liberal feminism is working overtime to ensure any progress we have made to liberation is being eroded, indeed we are currently undergoing a big backlash against the idea that women are people in our own right.


Limiting women by enforcing the rigid sex role system ensures patriarchy can continue.


We tried to change that, and we were making progress, but then came the backlash.


We knew men would try to resist women’s newfound emancipation but I don’t think even we could anticipate the multitude of sneaky and devious ways the patriarchy would double down to cling on to an unequal status quo.


So how, after we’d made so much progress, how did society circle back on itself  to the point where the idea of what a woman is, is once again all about the constructed stereotype of femininity.  The woman box is narrow once again, and according to society comes with liking pink, having long hair, speaking softly, being feminine, and wearing dresses and make-up.

How did we go backward?


And how the hell did we get to the mess we’re currently in where feminism itself has been co-opted and subverted to uphold patriarchy?


Stay tuned for the next part of how the patriarchy lashed back at the Second wave gains feminists had made coming in my next blog post…and stay radical my sisters;)

Letter to a sick, woman hating culture…

Once upon a time I wanted to be a hero.  I wanted to be brave, like the knights I read about in storybooks who I was told were brave because they were, well knights.

Because they were supposed to fight for what was good and fair, for what was right and just.

I didn’t understand that they were supposed to be male, or question why in those storybooks there were no female knights back then, because I didn’t understand the gender role I was supposed to play.

But the hardest lesson I had yet to learn was that those knights weren’t good at all, that what they symbolized was a system so oppressive that the potential of millions upon millions of bright, beautiful, brilliant, talented people has been squandered for centuries and centuries and centuries more.

The potential of people of colour, gay people, lesbian people, people who refused to conform to the limiting roles that had been placed on them, and of course the massive potential of the female sex.

All this potential squandered simply because it threatened the knights, the false kings, the gatekeepers of our culture.  Because they feared that if they let those people’s talents shine, if they just let them be, then they wouldn’t be heroes or kings themselves anymore at all.

When I was a little older even though I hadn’t realized all this yet, I started to become aware something felt wrong with the world.  I forgot somewhat about the knights because I found some new heroes.


I read about revolutionaries like Karl Marx, and Fidel Castro, I watched reruns of Dr Martin Luther King  speaking, I watched documentaries about Malcolm X and I was moved by the powerful dignity of his carriage, and even though I am a half Mediterranean white person I could somehow relate to the timeless truth of his words about the injustice of lies that attempt to deny people their dignity.

I was inspired, motivated by these people’s actions, by their courage, daring, or in some cases, sheer bravery, despite everything being in their path.  Learning about them made me feel that I too could be a hero, that I too could change the world.

Then the poison set in.

I started to become aware that I had a female body, and what that meant in this society.  I learned I was expected to be certain things, behave in a certain way, dress a certain way, want certain things.

I learned I couldn’t be a hero.

I didn’t like it.

I became frustrated, unhappy, conscious of my body, I dressed in baggy clothes, I had greasy hair, I ate bad food.

Only in books, in words, lost among the pages could I dare to dream of another life, a better life, a life where I could be free to be who I wanted to be, to be myself.

So I decided to look further still, dig deeper, find out what was causing the nagging sense of unfairness, the feeling of slanted inequality that was pricking at my conscience.

All around me I started to grow aware of my supposed place in the world, the role I was expected to play, the stereotypes that are mandatory for every person with a female body.



They didn’t look anything like how I had imagined my life to be, those stereotypes didn’t fit the opinionated, bookish, intelligent, undomesticated, selfish, brave, egotistical, untidy, greedy, sometimes over-confident person I was.

I wasn’t passive, meek, subordinate.  I didn’t like pop I liked hard rock.  I wasn’t interested in gossip I wanted to talk politics. I wasn’t interested in babies, I wanted to have adventures.  I wanted my words to have authority, I didn’t want to be sidelined.  I didn’t want to learn ballet though I loved watching it, I preferred holing myself up in my room and playing computer games.

I hated being patronized.

I wanted to create culture, not be created by it.  I wanted to write, I didn’t want to make dinner for anyone.  I didn’t want to be on a permanent diet, I didn’t understand why I was given a smaller dinner than my brother or told to eat salad.  I wanted to eat what I liked.  I was told I should watch my weight even though I was thin, even though I was already so underweight my hipbones used to stick out through my clothes.

I felt like I was cross dressing whenever I wore a dress, I preferred the casual ease of jeans and a t-shirt, or combat boots.  I hated my period because it reminded me I was becoming a “woman”.

Most of all I didn’t know why I was supposed to care what I looked like, why there was only one right way for me to look, when all around me I saw infinite varieties of men, being liked for who they were anyway.

The only thing that fit with my new supposed identity of “female” was the fact I hated sports.  And loved neon pink and unicorns.


As I grew more aware of the self I was told to be, I felt a mounting sense of frustration  .  It felt stifling, smothering, like the real me was drowning but I couldn’t articulate quite how.

If I couldn’t be a hero like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X or Karl Marx because I had a female body then how could I be a hero at all?  If I couldn’t be brave, and lazy, and untidy, and selfish, and loud, and opinionated, and bossy, how could I be me?

After some more exploration I found that there were people who had felt like me, exactly like me, who had raged at the injustice and unfairness of it all.  I found out about great activists like Angela Davis of the Black Power movement, who didn’t bow their heads, not ever, but walked into court with a raised fist when they were put on trial for false crimes. I found inspiring feminists like Germaine Greer and Andrea Dworkin, who spoke about the experience of living in a female body in this society in such immediate and raw terms that it made me feel every woman’s pain.


I found out about George Elliot, who managed to get published and become a respected author by men and women alike, in a century where women were not even allowed the vote, by taking a male name.

I learned about how she flouted convention, wrote books, discussed politics with men, wore pants, took lovers, lived as she pleased.

I knew people in that time wouldn’t have taken her seriously if they had thought she was a woman, so this made sense to me.  I didn’t think then about how much harder it would have been for George Elliot to get published if people had thought she was black because I was indoctrinated by white teachers, by white schooling to learn about white heroes, but I did see that she wouldn’t have been published if people had guessed her sex.

I didn’t really think about white privilege even though I already knew about the racism people of colour had suffered in Western Culture, because I was looking through the warped, surrealist lens of our tilted society, and because I was suffering myself, I hadn’t yet grown the empathy to even try and understand their experience, only mine.

I found out about Virginia Wolf, and Emmeline Pankhurst, about Shirley Chisholm, about Maya Angelou, and I was inspired.  They had female bodies and to me they were heroes.


I felt like I had purpose now, once again, that these people had done so much to change the world, that if we could just make it right, liberation would be just over the horizon.

I started to espouse feminist ideas and found they were quickly met with scorn from all but a few people.  I wondered why these great ideas, which felt so honest, so fair, and so right, and which I knew would deliver to me my complete liberation were constantly being suppressed, ridiculed,  stymied.

I didn’t know then that if you speak a simple truth that denies white men the privilege to be kings in our Western culture they have to kill you.  I didn’t know yet that in any patriarchy, anywhere, men of all colours will have to kill you if you are female because that is what patriarchy is.

I just felt frustrated.

Then I found sex.  I liked sex but I didn’t understand why I was supposed to pretend I didn’t.  I liked girls, I liked boys too but I was only supposed to like boys.

And I was told boys wouldn’t like me if I didn’t do this, think this, be this, act like this, look like this.

Luckily there was a guidebook for how to look, how to dress to win the prize of being liked by boys.  Being competitive I decided to follow it.  It involved daily rituals of plucking, shaving, waxing , tweezing, and counting calories, followed by layers of make-up, and uncomfortable clothes that made me feel self-conscious.

I thought the prize I had been promised would be a compensation of sorts because I liked sex and so did boys.

At that point I wasn’t looking for love.

So I compromised.  I played the stupid games, pretended I was a porn star in bed, didn’t ask for my own pleasure, and I was liked by boys.  After a while I discovered the prize wasn’t all that good, and that I was still bored.

I wanted to experiment.  I had a strange sort of romantic yet not romantic sexual relationship with my best friend, a girl, and found it was better than any relationship I ever had with a guy because I felt like she knew my soul.  I felt like she could see me, like with her, I could be me.

But culture being what it is, she too found boys again, and so we parted, drifting back, lost to the prize that was supposed to be the big compensation.

Sex and fun.  Or for others, love.

It was a distraction for a while, I even fell in love.  It felt good but it also felt painful.  It felt like it should be different but something was getting in the way.  I didn’t feel fully seen.

Nothing could quiet the clamour inside to be myself, to be free of all this, this drag, this role I was supposed to play.  My full potential I felt, was stifled by my biology and the cultural restrictions it brought with it.

I was not allowed to be a hero, only a bit part.  Having a big ego, I wasn’t happy with this.

The only white man I ever admired was Kurt Cobain, whose raw screechy voice articulated the anger I felt.  He seemed, to me, different somehow yet even he succumbed to the neurosis of addiction, tortured by the plague of our broken, sick society.  I loved too, his wife Courtney Love, how her lyrics reflected the ironic, sardonic, stifled bitterness of a class of people oppressed by a society that tried to mandate who they should be because of the biology of their own bodies.


When I found out why I was feeling this way, it felt like a relief.  I wasn’t unnatural, after all, I was transsexual.  That’s what the new information I discovered told me, that I had been born in the wrong body.

This made sense to me since nearly everything I was fit so completely what society was telling me was a male sense of self.  I “came out” and gave myself permission to do and be all I had wanted to do and be that society had told me I couldn’t if I was female.  I even told myself that I was born in the wrong body.

I felt something like freedom.

After a while though, I started to notice that since I wasn’t passing yet, I was still being treated as though I was female.  And that’s when I realized that even though, one day I might pass, what it took to be transsexual in this culture, for those of the female sex, was a denial of one’s biology, of part of one’s self.

No matter how free I felt, no matter how much permission society might give me if I was seen as male, I knew I would not be free until I could claim all of myself.

I was a biological female.  I did not want to be ashamed of that anymore.  Society told me I had a male identity and certainly in this culture, much of whom I am would be considered male.


But is it really?  In a culture where I could be anything I wanted, would I really be so unnatural?

There is nothing wrong with me.   There is nothing wrong with any of us.  There are no square pegs in round holes because the holes have been created by false gods.  False gods that wielded a chisel in my name, who carved out the identity I should have, just because of my biology, when I was not even asked what I wanted to be.

In this culture I have a male identity. But I have a female body.  In another culture, I would just be me.

I do not wish to harm anyone.  I am and I should be, as we all should be, providing we don’t harm others.   In a normal world, we would all be able to sit at a great round table, to respect each other as human beings.

But in patriarchal cultures, in Western Culture, these false gods, these pseudo Kings , in an effort to hobble others that might take their privilege away from them, others that might even outshine them, make them unable to self-actualize themselves through denigrating others, well in that culture, then they have to work hard to silence the truth.

They have to continually work hard to suppress the truth, they know is threatening to burst into voice, they have to work double time to limit, and to restrict, to torture and to humiliate.


Even then, they cannot ignore the truth.  They know they are not Kings at all.  They know the chains they attempt to bind us too are bound to them also.  They must drag the weight around, bear the burden of their own prison.

And they know, too, that they can do all this to us, the oppression, the slander, the centuries and centuries of lies, but they cannot kill the truth.  It simply, is.

Whether a whisper or a mighty roar, somehow, the truth, survives, in the consciousness of those who have humanity, still.

And eventually, when the roar grows to a level they cannot ignore, and the kingdom crumbles into dust, they will have to admit what they have always known, that you can torture, rape, sell, enslave, brutalize, beat, lie, and denigrate human beings, men, women, girls, and children but you cannot break and you can never own a human soul.

To the mighty Kings who sit upon a stolen throne. The roar is coming.  It may not be in my lifetime.  But it will come.

Radical Feminism is better for women AND trans people than LibFem and here’s why…


There is something I’ve noticed from observing and participating in many, many liberal feminist forums, online and offline discussion groups.  A hatred, distrust, and resentment of anyone with a female body, a refusal to admit that biological sex based discrimination exists.

Even though thousands of girl babies are aborted everyday based on their sex in China, even though child brides with female biology are forced into marriages with much older males, LibFem’s continue to mandate biological sex discrimination does not exist.

This is part of a deliberately misogynistic tactic that has infiltrated the LibFem movement by hijacking the word intersectionality.

It stems from a desire to control, humiliate, and squash any form of true agency or female bodied power.  If you are still skeptical that bio sex discrimination is “a thing”, I ask you to consider this.

What is the first insult people fling at an unpopular female in the public eye if people believe she has female biology?

The C word is the crudest way of acknowledging basic biology, it is not an abstract concept it is referencing but female genitalia.


And how much more public vitriol is directed at her, than would be had she been born into a male body?  Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the Glamour Woman Of The Year award and the complaints were largely limited to those on the right wing.  Women were not opposed to this largely, neither were men.

Would people across the board have complained more, and in particular natal born men,  if Chaz Bono, (a female born, female to male transsexual) had been awarded “Man Of The Year” for the GQ Awards?

I am not going to answer that question but leave you to think about the answer using not the LibFem mantra that discrimination is based on gender Id and not birth sex but on the basis of what you tangibly know and have experienced in the world.

radf dane se genero

Inequity for women is mandated by biological sex, in fact gender prejudice stems from this too.  Whether you believe gender is a construct or not you have to acknowledge that the reason people have so many issues with accepting trans women’s  identities is because there is a prescribed mandate in their heads for how a woman should look.

That is the strict gender construct society forces upon the sexes, which tells all people what they should be, how they should act, even how they should appear.

The reason trans women face this prejudice is because of their biology.

Biological sex discrimination is real.  To ignore this fact is to ignore prejudice.

Now, in Liberal Feminism it’s the current rhetoric that women need to work towards equality, but that is far from true.  You don’t have equality because the law says women can go to work, can study, and can sue for sexual harassment.  Equality (aka liberation) is only gained when most of society accepts the idea women’s lives matter. But women can not gain equality under patriarchy because they are always being measured by male defined standards.  You cannot work within a system where you haven’t set the rules, a system that hasn’t been built on what women want but what the male sex wants.

The female sex as a collective can demand liberation from patriarchy and thus gain status respect for themselves, we have the numbers.  But as a collective we are not always stepping up, because of fear of reprisal.  And so, we sleep on our feet, with many of us clamoring for our own chains, upholding misogyny,  resenting other women’s success, throwing other women under the bus to gain brownie points with males, and conforming to misogynistic expectations and ideals for fear of losing male approval.

The LibFem position will never deliver women liberation

Women to embrace the liberal feminist position in the hope for their own liberation.  But the liberal feminist position is doing nothing to challenge patriarchy as evidenced by it’s dogged refusal to acknowledge women can be discriminated upon based on their birth sex.

This is complete nonsense as it actually directly contradicts the liberal dogma, that trans women face more discrimination than natal born women.  I would argue otherwise, though that is not to say that trans women don’t face prejudice, however can we pause and think for a moment and examine why they might face prejudice.

What is being discriminated against?  Their biology.

Trans women too, are actually also discriminated on based on their birth sex, to pretend otherwise is madness.


Do Lib Fems really believe that all trans women are seen by everyone, everywhere as women?  Of course not, so thus they have to face a biologically based form of prejudice too, because society perceives them as men.


The liberals answer to this problem is to simply deny biological sex discrimination exists.

But if someone looks at me and sees what they perceive as female biology they will treat me accordingly.

And we treat women we perceive to have female biology with less respect than people we perceive as having male biology.

This is a fact that radical feminism acknowledges. Liberal feminism refuses to admit this truth and actively dis-empowers women from naming, shaming, and challenging the problem.

LibFems have hijacked Intersectionality. RadFems are Intersectional too…

Liberal feminism all too frequently works to silence women, under the guise of intersectionality.  This is actually another big distraction, as radical feminism is also intersectional, but in a different way.  We work on a basis that mandates for all of the female sex, as we understand the simple truth.

We believe, if you are perceived to have female biology you will be treated with less respect than someone who is perceived to have male biology.

Think about it.  Is that true according to your own personal experience?

Radical feminism recognizes women of colour have it harder than white women and in this respect is completely intersectional.

Radical Feminism’s core ethos acknowledges sex based discrimination is a problem

RadFem is not opposed to trans women’s existance, right to identify, or rights to public services, but those rights should not come at the cost of biological women’s spaces meant to provide shelter to those who are vulnerable to male bodied violence. It does not seek to harm trans women but it does seek to dismantle the limiting gender construct which mandates that if you have female biology you must behave, dress, act, think, talk in a certain way.

This actually benefits trans people as they can be whatever they want to be, without any gendered expectations dogging them from birth.  If they then decide to change their bodies, take hormones, call themselves whatever they want, that is up to them but to insist a gendered world is better than an un-gendered one is, in my point of view, harmful to trans people.

I should know, I am a female born person who takes male hormones, and sometimes goes by male pronouns in society.

I would love to live in a world where my natural self was not seen as unnatural because I don’t behave, act or dress the way my biological bits say I should.

No other progress groups are expected to campaign for other causes – why is RadFem?

RadFem does not have to mandate for trans women when our very aim is to challenge the discrimination meted out to natal born women based on their birth sex.

We would not expect the Gay Rights movement to mandate for heterosexuals, however that does not make it opposed to heterosexuals.

I can understand liberal feminists pain.  I understand it is all too tempting to believe that things are changing, that liberation is just over the horizon and can be achieved, simply by ramping up the number of female MP’s in Parliament.

I think women want to believe that gender identity dictates discrimination, irrespective of biological sex, because that means theoretically, we could all be discriminated against in a kind of perverse equality.

In this case they can imagine a world where they can “work towards equality”.

In a patriarchal society however, where men’s interests will always dominate, sadly that will not be the case.


We need to destroy the patriarchy not work within it.

In liberal feminist’s minds, those of the female sex get to believe that someone who has male biology could receive as much discrimination for the same reasons as they do, in the same way, simply for their gender identity as a woman.

They get to ignore the simple fact that they are hated for their biology, a scientific fact, that also marks them out in society as having female biology.

But by doing so, natal born women become complicit in their own silencing, and prevent other natal born women from naming what they know to be the source of their oppression.


Liberal feminist women turn a blind eye to the female sex’s current status in society in a misguided attempt to will equality into existence.  Perhaps they think by ignoring the situation, the inequities will go away?

They won’t.  Only by confronting the root cause of misogyny head on and together, will we defeat it.

The root cause is biological sex.


There are some valid issues that LibFem has raised, where  trans woman might have a similar experience of the exact same type of discrimination as a natal born woman.

If a trans woman is perceived by society to have female biology (passes) then she will be treated like any natal born woman, unless people know the circumstances of her birth, which is true.

But it is not true the majority of trans women pass and cannot be true by sheer dint of their biology.  Testosterone is a powerful hormone, which is why it’s much easier for female to male transsexual people to pass than it is for male to female transsexuals.

Neither is it true that trans women have been socialized as females based on their birth sex, with all the experience inequity that intends to bestow.

Yes they have grown up unhappy, dysphoric in many cases.  But that is not the same as being socialized as female.  To be truly progressive is to recognize that different people face different problems, not try to lump them all in together.

LibFem tries to do this but fails because the movement is largely BS.


Trans women are raped, drugged, beaten yes, and again this is where they have a similar experience to natal born women. But the overwhelming prejudice that trans women face is not because they are seen as natal born women but because they are not seen this way.

They are seen as gender non-conforming, and as this is despised by our society, they suffer.

Another reason to dismantle the gender construct, rip it up, and get rid of it

RadFem is the solution.  Why do you think people work so hard to silence us?

We are regularly called TERFs – Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists but we are not advocating hate, violence, or bigotry towards transgender people of any shade or stripe.

We are a movement whose core ethos challenges sex based discrimination and we do not have to work to advance other causes, including the transgender cause.  That does not mean we condone prejudice against those people..

We do not say the Black Lives matter movement should also campaign against capitalism, or include in their core mandate, the enfranchisement of gay people, Muslims, women, or transgender people.

Although in many cases, of course the Black Lives matter movement does support these people’s right to existence, rights, freedom, and liberty, it does not have to mandate for it,  since it’s core objective is to work to challenging race based discrimination against Black people.

Radical feminism is opposed to all forms of prejudice of course.  It supports the gay rights movement, the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement, as well as many other movements working towards social justice.  But it is a movement seeking to challenge sex based discrimination, an all too real issue for the female sex.  It is dangerous to attempt to pretend bio sex discrimination is not a reality.

Radical feminism also gets a lot of unfair criticism, nearly all of which is artful spin, lies and slander, by those who actually seek to promote male sex interests and hate the female sex.

For example, Liberal feminism frequently indulges in the sadistic humiliation rituals of silencing and criticizing white women on the basis of political correctness.  It’s main targets of ridicule are nearly always white women, not white men who are the actual culprits.

Misosgyny underpins the Liberal Feminist movement.

Men get to humiliate, silence and degrade women by telling them to get to the back of the queue.  But women of all colours, have always been at the back of the queue.  To be a woman is always to be considered less important.

Except in Radical Feminism.


Again, think about it.

Radical feminism is not white feminism as many with misogynistic or misguided agendas have suggested.  Radical Feminism understands all women, but it understands that particularly women of colour experience more challenges in our prejudiced society and we seek to change things for the better.

As it recognizes sex based discrimination is a reality, it can work to effect real change by  liberating women as a class of all colours from patriarchy.

The fact is whether the female sex wants to ignore it, or not, the painful truth must be acknowledged.

In a large part of society’s eyes, we are status zero.

This prejudice stems from a hatred of us as a sex class.  Yes there are other, horrific prejudices that exist in the world like racism and homophobia.  But until we build a movement united in one singular aim, to challenge a system that insists on relegating women to second class status, we will never change anything.

If you are happy with that situation, or disagree with that statement, carry on as you are.  If you are unhappy with it, and it resonates with you, there is something we can do about it.


We can really change things if the female sex as a whole are prepared to take action together, by supporting radical feminist causes, getting involved in radical feminist activism, and amplifying the message of what radical feminism is really about.

If you need proof of how much we can change things, look to our radical sisters of the seventies to see what can be achieved when we come together and work to achieve a common aim.

If you think our supposedly progressive society respects women more because more and more women are popping up in every profession, in every walk of life, think again.  In fact, it only furthers the resentment that lurks in the corners of the misogynists minds, it fuels them to make their insults more personal, more violent, more vicious.

This can be seen evidenced by the outpouring of body-shaming, revenge porn, and misogynistic outbursts women in the public eye are subjected to every day online, merely as a side effect of their visibility, a price that must be made for their success.

It’s not just online that misogyny thrives either, even though that’s where it’s at its most honest.  We might not say the vile bile found on Twitter in polite society but underneath the thin veneer of civility, misogyny runs deep, in both men and women.


Women are oppressed into upholding the current system that bestows the lowest status in society on each and every person born in to  female body.  Without women’s support and participation the structure would collapse, whether the men wanted it or not.

There are many reasons why women continue to uphold a system that does not ultimately benefit them, but one of the main reasons is, that from the cradle women are taught to hate other women, to fear them and see them as rivals.

It’s essential that this attitude is taught for the current system to thrive.  Were women to suddenly start supporting each other en masse, to form a sisterhood the way men have a brotherhood, it would be very dangerous to our current society indeed.

Imagine, if it were different.  If misogynistic utterings and limiting gender expectations were criticised and challenged by most women, everywhere, instead of the current situation, where very often they are initiated, or supported by women.

Wouldn’t this world be a better place, not only for women but for people who currently ID as Trans?  If you could be anything you wanted, no matter what your biology, wouldnt that be better than having to combat prejudice that is based on biology, whether you want to ignore the fact or not?

The future is rad, women.







How to disrupt Liberal Feminism ( and help women see it hates people with vaginas)


Current liberal culture says feminism is only acceptable if it’s also intersectional.  The problem is, intersectionality in our patriarchal culture means male interests over females.

This is because our current culture has convinced itself women aren’t really full people.  It has to convince itself of this to avoid the truth.  Because if you can rationalise that it is okay to say there is a right way for a female to look, to act, to dress but it is wrong to say there is a right way for a male to look, to act, to dress, then as a sane person you have to concede that makes you a hypocrite.

No one wants to be a hypocrite so people have to convince themselves that women aren’t full people, that they don’t matter as much as males in order to justify the glaring inequity.

They then have even more work to do.  Because it’s hard to maintain a lie particularly such an obvious one.  They have to convince the people being treated unfairly, that it’s  okay they are being treated this way.

One way of doing this is to pretend this isn’t happening.  This is the school of thought behind the promotion of ideas like “everyone’s equal now” and “we have equality now”.

After the second wave of the Seventies had made many gains for women there was a cultural backlash which harnessed this technique, quite effectively,  up until relatively recently this was the broad cultural consensus in our society.

After a while though, women started to realise that they still do not have equality. That misogyny is still widely acceptable in our culture.  And the election of Donald Trump highlighted this fact further.

This malcontent among women is rather very threatening to those who benefit the most from the patriarchy, i.e male people because it means women might finally come together collectively and do something to actually change the status quo.

So another technique had to be employed, and this one is even more sneaky.

A new scheme has taken hold.  This latest ruse pretends to recognise that misogyny and inequality actually does exist while preventing women from taking effective action to tackle it by creating another, perceived underclass.  Enter the liberal feminist movement.

The liberal feminist movement operates under one main doctrine – Intersectionality.


Intersectionality is not optional in liberal feminism, it is mandatory.

Intersectionality dictates that privilege works according to a hierarchy.  That if you are black and female you are more disenfranchised than someone who is white and female.

Nothing wrong with that in principle.

However, because Intersectionality is hierarchical and not a collective, in  liberal feminism transgender people, and in particular transgender women, are considered to be more disenfranchised than female bodied people.

This means that if you have been born biologically male, have been socialized as a male, enjoying all the privilege and entitlement that comes with that, but then make the decision to ID as female, you are perceived as suffering more discrimination and being more hated by society than someone who was just born into a female body.

This “trans women” have it harder than natal females thing is justified in libfem for several reasons.

One of them is because transgender women face prejudice from the fundamentalist Christian right.

Hang on a minute, so do born females.  Most evangelical or fundamentalist Christians want to stop access to abortion, think being lesbian makes you demonic, believe a woman’s place is to be subordinate to a man, and in some cases, even think pregnancy can’t occur if a woman is raped , and criminalize a woman for having a miscarriage.

Liberal feminism also justifies that trans women face more prejudice than natal women because they look different than natal women and so their identities often aren’t validated.

But hang on a minute, those born of the female sex face being judged on their appearances every day.  Their identities and their opinions aren’t considered to matter.  The proof is in the dogma.  Ask a liberal feminist if you don’t believe me. Ask a liberal intersectional feminist (which is nearly every liberal feminist nowadays) if you are allowed to talk about the fact that discrimination that’s based on birth sex happens.

You’re not.  What you have to say is that trans women and women are exactly the same and they face exactly the same problems and discrimination including misogyny, and that actually trans women face more prejudice.

They say that if someone is a trans woman, even if they look like a man, and everyone still sees them as a man, then they are facing misogyny.

Hang on a minute.  Isn’t misogyny rooted in a hatred of women?

The dictionary says so.  But if people don’t see you as a woman, how can this be so?  And before a load of trans women scream at me, this is not the same as saying you are not a woman.  I am not saying you are not a woman, so don’t threaten me with your TERF slurs okay. Been there done that, it was very insightful.  More on that later.

Let me tell you about one of my brushes with the delightful world of liberal feminism.

First some context.

I am a born female whose gender ID is male. I don’t pass as a male in society, though I take male hormones, I dress and present in what our current society would dub ” masculine way”.  I go by male pronouns, though my identity is not so fragile, nor my liberal consciousness developed sufficiently to insist everyone must use them.  Nor do I believe everyone must validate my identity or agree with the idea that transgenderism is a thing.  I am not challenged by hearing different points of view.  I also do not believe you can change your birth sex, a biological impossibility.

Let me tell you something.  I can assure you when everyone looks at me, at this point, most people guess I have a female body.

It’s not pleasant being me out there.  But it’s not because of what’s in my head, my “gender” identity, or because I fall under what would be dubbed the “trans” umbrella.

They judge me because when they see me they see someone they know was born female and the way I look is unacceptable if you are female.

That is misogyny.  Misogyny because the idea is, I have a female body so therefore I should look a certain way. Or would liberals say, in some parallel universe, that what I am actually suffering is homophobia?

If on the other hand, someone  has a male body and looks like a man (whether they identify as a man or not) and whether they are in a dress and heels or not, people in our very gender stereotypical society will still generally see a man.


If someone has an averse reaction to a trans woman on the street, it’s because the idea that a man should be able to wear a dress and heels is repulsive in our gender stereotyped culture.

Isn’t that closer to a homophobic reaction related to an inherent fear of boys being too effeminate and therefore, gay?  It could also be misandry, a hatred of men, except, our culture doesn’t hate men, so…problematic.

Since my experience of being discriminated by society is so horrible, I decided to bring it up in the wonderful utopia that is intersectional feminism in a Facebook Group entitled Feminism and Intersectionality 101 or some such title.

I mentioned that I hadn’t been haven’t a jolly time of things, posted a relevant blog link to an article I had written about feminism, and mentioned that I would like to talk about the prejudice the female sex faces based on the fact they are, well the female sex.

The first answer I got was that I should die a fiery death.

The second answer I got was how dare I say Transgender Women weren’t women. (I hadn’t suggested this, not in my blog post, not in the post)

The third answer I got was that if you have a uterus and ovaries those aren’t inherently female things.  (Problematic?)

The fourth answer I got was that penises can be incredibly female actually, how dare I suggest otherwise.  (Also, problematic?)

The fifth answer I got was that I was an evil TERF, and not just an evil TERF but a garbage person with trash can views.  (Though I had heard it bandied about before, I wasn’t sure what exactly a turf was at that point but later that day I found out that it meant –  Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.  Sounds terrifying right?

I actually learned this valuable information from a trans woman who had also recently been dubbed a TERF by liberal intersectional feminists for daring to state that you can’t change your birth sex)  As you might guess, the fact that both I and this trans lady had been dubbed a TERF made me feel a bit confused.


So liberal feminism seems to believe that discrimination can’t be based on sex , and that misogyny can happen even if you look like a man, and society sees you as a man, no matter how much you might want them to see you as a woman.


It is a bit.  Because it means that if you’re a liberal intersectional feminist, and have a female body, you can’t say you suffer misogyny because you were born female, look female, society perceives you as female and therefore treats you as second class.  In fact, you can’t say that you were born female at all.  Born females don’t exist anymore apparently, liberal feminism dictates, bodies can’t be female.

Without being able to state these basic facts, you can’t really begin to challenge misogyny.

Definitely problematic.


I don’t know, is there something wrong with this mode of thinking or not?  I’ll leave it up to you to decide, since unlike liberals,  I don’t like telling people what to think.

A few more things I learned about liberal feminism.  If you are a liberal feminist, while you can’t acknowledge that bodies can be born biologically female, you must recognise any gender anyone says they are and call them by whatever title they wish to be addressed.  More than this, if you do not actually see them as this thing they say they are, or even dare to hold an opinion that differs from theirs regarding gender, or use any word they don’t like, you will be told you are a violent, evil TERF and should die in hell.  Usually by trans women, but sometimes by men, trans guys, women, who have been co-opted into this, or maybe lobotomized, I’m not quite sure yet.

Let me make this clear.  You must, if you are a liberal feminist recognise all of the 56 genders Facebook currently offers, as well as many others. These include the rather razzy named Stargender, and also you must accept the validity of someone being a Gender Unicorn.

This is’s current definition of what it means to identify as Stargender.

“Star Gender is a gender that can be broken up into 3 different definitions. The first is simply having the gender of a star. The second is “an other-worldly/non-human gender” which is likened to being beyond comprehension. The third is “no matter how many genders are discovered/coined, none would match for the person.” 

You cannot question that some of this might sound slightly absurd. It is not optional in the NewSpeak of Liberal Feminism.

If you happen to have a vagina and you’re reading this, and you haven’t been lobotomized by Liberal Intersectional Feminists yet, you might be feeling like this all sounds not much like feminism at all.

You might be right XD

Unfortunately the members of the female sex who have been lobotomized can’t see that this is all, well a bit slanted, shall we say, the poor dears.

And if you try and explain to them, that actually this all sounds a bit misogynistic and unfair, they will look at you like you’d just tried to explain that you identify as a gender that is “an other-worldly/non-human gender” which is likened to being beyond comprehension.”

Oh no wait never mind, that’s acceptable.  But to say you were born female isn’t.  Must remember the NewSpeak.

Here’s a suggestion of how to help the poor lobotomized dears see what’s really going on:

How to hijack liberal feminism and expose the hypocrisy in three easy steps

Step one – Join a Intersectional Feminist Group.  I know, it sounds scary but just do it.

Step two – Watch.  If there is a post that involves liberals obviously trampling over females to privilege males like say a news article on how Germany has legalised brothels.


Step three – Comment with something that goes along with their ideology but exposes the deeper inequality.  DON’T point out the inequality blatantly or you’ll be exposed as a non lobotomized female and they’ll either attempt to lobotomize you, call you an evil TERF, or tell you to suck their girl cock.  (This was another thing that was actually said to me.)

This would be an appropriate comment to make on the above subject.

“Hrrm, after reading this I think this is good because disabled men have a right to sex.  I mean I know some people say that in brothels women have suffered abuse, some are trafficked etc, and that it’s fundamentally wrong that men think they can buy women for sex, and that working as a sex worker isn’t really a choice because these women don’t have other options but ultimately, I think, if there isn’t an actual gun pointing at these women’s heads, I think the bigger, more important takeaway here is that disabled men don’t lose their right to have sex with women.”

The trans women, and natal men  might react to this rather strongly because what you’ve done is exposed the obvious hypocrisy.  Sometimes you have to tell a lie to reveal a deeper truth.  They might call you sarcastic, ask you what you are playing at, accuse you of being a radical feminist in disguise, or tell you to suck their girl cocks.


This is a gift because then you get to ask what you have said wrong by suggesting going along with their ideology and saying that it’s a good thing that disabled men have a right to sex.  Which gives you a chance to attract even more posters and attention comments and expose the lie further.

You need to do this because…

What you say will stick in the minds of those reading it who are born female because something about it will jar with their experiences of life. Something about will sound wrong to them.  Because it is wrong, obviously.  It will sound wrong because it is exactly what it is, an obvious statement of hypocrisy that neatly points out that men’s rights matter more than the abuse of female sex workers.

Those of the female sex who read your post might not immediately realize exactly why what you say feels wrong of course, they might not immediately abandon the madness that is liberal feminism and come to the radical feminist position.

But over time the thought will marinate and the seed that something is going on that is not quite fair to women, will grow into a bud and it will begin to irritate.  It will irritate and it will fester inside their minds like a devious little mind worm and eventually it will erupt inside them and they won’t be able to ignore the glaringly obvious fact that


And the jig will be up;)

If enough of us employ this rather deliciously sneaky little trick of reverse psychology in as many situations as we can, not just on Facebook but on the internet and in real life situations whenever relevant, more of the female sex will feel itchier, sooner.

And the itchy ones, will start to ask questions about the NewSpeak and Liberal Intersectional Feminism and they will start to question it and so on and before you know it, they will decide that yes, misogyny based on birth sex is a thing.  That they want to do something about it.

And that liberal feminism, with it’s 56 genders, multiple pronouns, TERF slurs, and army of trans women ready to stuff their girl cocks down the throats of any who dare to state the simple truth that yes you can be born biologically female,  is never going to tackle it because, well, it doesn’t like people with vaginas very much.




Why the female sex needs to Get Radical if we want REAL liberation


The time is now.  The liberal, wishy-washy, let’s talk about it position on achieving equality for women and female bodied people has failed.  Those of us who believe in our own innate worth, must fight or see our personhood flounder, see our rights and status and the status and rights of others like us infringed.

When the most powerful country in the world elects an open bigot for president, and the mechanisms of government that pass themselves off as democracy do nothing to remove him but continue to enable him, then the bell calling for change is tolling loudly.

We must answer that bell.  We must rise up and form a resistance movement that is so cohesively united in one singular aim, the cause of justice for women and for female bodied people.

Too long we have been passive, too long we have been co-opted into compromise.  Misguidedly, albeit with the best of intentions, we have often taken the middle road, diluted our revolutionary power and adopted the liberal position.  We have tried to convince those with hate in their hearts to join us in the call for justice.

Quite clearly, this does not work.  Persuasive argument may work for some people, but for others, it will never work, not ever.  They do not feel our injustice, many times, they do not even care it exists.  Even worse, often they need to cling to the idea they are superior in some way, by sheer dint of being born of the male sex.

And it must go further than just an organised resistance in America.  The deliberate disenfranchisement of women and female bodied people is a multi-headed hydra that has spread its tentacles to the furthest reaches of the globe.

The road forward is clear then.  Global, organized, strategic, resistance to the oppression of the female sex and total intolerance of misogyny, all the time, everywhere.  All of us who are born of the female sex, all of us who care deeply for women and female bodied people, all who feel so acutely the burning injustice of continued, outrageous inequality, must join the fight.

Do you benefit from the way things are?

If you do not benefit from the current status quo, which far too often allows misogyny both covert and overt to be excused, then, unless you agree in sanctioning your own suppression you must wake up.  We are not currently being treated with equal fairness, we are not receiving equal respect, so we must get over our petty differences and unify as one solid movement with a lion’s roar so loud it can never be silenced.

Yes there will be differences between those of us who cannot agree on the right language or pronouns to use.  On whether trans is a thing, or whether it is betraying the female sex to adopt a masculine identity.

But this is not important right now.

What is important is whether you are a trans male, non-binary, or a woman, you have a vagina so thus, in our current society’s eyes you are second class.

We must change this.  We can agree on the semantics later, we can allow ourselves the luxury of debate about such things, later.

If it comes to it, not that it will in a Western country, we must even die for this cause, the cause of reclaiming our personhood.  There is no other choice.  There is no more important thing than dignity.



Unify against the root problem – misogyny

Until now  feminism has been deliberately splintered, largely by outside forces.  The idea of basic social justice for the female sex is so threatening to some males it has been stigmatized, in order to deter women and female bodied people who would benefit from joining the clamor for justice.

The word feminism has been tarred with negative images, and is now considered a dirty word, a word a lot of young women, older women, and other female bodied people take great pains to  to avoid identifying with.

Those who fight for feminist causes are often fighting among each other or, have largely abandoned the fight for female liberation and are using their valuable energies to fight for other movement’s causes.

It’s not wrong of course, to support others struggles for liberation and we must and should do this for one simple reason.

Justice for all is the natural state of humanity.  All people should and must be equal.

However, when we refuse to fight for ourselves, we relegate our own worth to second class status.  When we will lend our voices to every other roar for justice and equal standing but our own we betray ourselves.

Why won’t the female sex stand up and say I’m worthy?

We voluntarily give away our own personhood.  Why?  Why would we do this unless we were conditioned so effectively to self-hate?  To accept gratefully the few crumbs that have been flung at us; token females in high power positions, laws that mandate for equality but do not deliver it in practice.

Society expects us to do this because it has taught us to hate ourselves well.  It is swaggeringly, grossly over-confident in the female sexes enduring ability to imbibe the propaganda that bashes us about the head from the cradle, and to keep silent.

What it does not expect is for us to fight.  To raise our heads in a great roar that demands change, not just under law but in society’s entire approach to the female sex.

We must mandate for what is acceptable for the female sex, for ourselves.  We are the only ones that should, and we are the only ones that have the right to do so.

Currently we are living in a surreal, slanted world.  Created entirely from the male perspective and constructed to benefit only that sector of the demographic, we cannot continue to live in this illusion of a world, nor to play by its rules.


Rip up society and create a new one from the rags

If we continue to operate by the rules of the current system we will always lose.  The system will always find a way to silence us, to subvert our energies.

  We must make a new world.  If that sounds impossible, consider this.  We have the numbers.  Overnight, if the entire female sex willed it so, the status of women and female bodied people could radically change in society’s eyes.

Not in everyone’s minds, I am not suggesting misogynists would just shrivel up and die overnight, but we don’t need them too.

Half the population is not a minority, it is a body politic with immense power.

The power to shape a culture, to say whether it is acceptable or not for a 65 year old female news to present a show with a 25 year old male, the absolute inverse of what we currently deem acceptable.

We can create overnight, a culture with the power to uplift elderly women instead of consigning them to the dustbin, while hypocritically championing their aged male counterparts, bestowing them unfairly with wisdom, learning, status.

This must all change.  It must change now.  It is the female sex who continues to uphold the status quo.  Of course the male sex seeks to maintain it but it is us, or some of us at least who are still upholding it.

We do the dirty work for them.

How about we start by stopping that?

Status No – why female bodied people need to get radical if they want social revolution


Female bodied people, or those born with female genitalia, are not a minority. They currently stand as 51% of the population in the USA, UK, and most other countries in the world.

Over half the population.

Yet female bodied people whether  cisgendered, trans male, or otherwise definitely do not have anything even close to equal social standing with male bodied people.

The default status of women, and of non-passing trans males (who can’t benefit from the male privilege we must acknowledge we gain when we pass)  in society is so low, sometimes people see nothing wrong with using that word any right-minded people find vulgar and abhorrent – cunt.

If you are female bodied and you think this doesn’t apply to you, think again.  Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, black or white, trans male or cisgendered female, if you were born with a female body there is no escaping it.

The question is what are you going to do about it?

That question must be answered by the collective, by the mass of people who currently make up the entire female bodied population.  That’s roughly about half of the world, to give a gentle reminder.

It cannot be answered by any one individual, for although as individuals, we have autonomy over our own lives, we do not have a say in how society sees female bodied people as a whole.  As a collective though, if we unite as one, we can demand a sea-change.   We can shame misogynistic attitudes, utterances, and actions until they have been violently shoved to the furthest reaches of polite society.

If you’re a female bodied person and you’re reading this, I suppose the essential question you must answer is, do you want that to happen?  In case you’re wondering, whether it’s necessary to take this position, I suggest you read on.

What evidence can I present to you to prove this awful status?

Unfortunately the evidence is in plentiful supply.  Cunt is typically one of the first insults people reach for when they want to insult someone of the female sex.  It is used to denote low status, to reduce female bodied people to nothing more than the sum of their genital parts.  Cunt is still considered the most offensive swear word in the English language, the most insulting of all the insults that can be leveled at someone.

Particularly if that someone is female bodied.  The word is used to “put women in their place” or to “remind female bodied trans individuals of who or what they are and “keep them down”.

Reclaiming the word is not the answer, though certainly, if you repeat it enough, it might lose some of its power.

It’s not the word that has all the power, as evidenced when the insult is leveled at a man.  Does it remove his personhood, strip him of his dignity, humiliate him?



Because he’s seen as a man.  Cunt is a very gendered insult, concocted to be at its most potent when directed to those of the female sex.  Behind it is a hatred, distrust, and resentment of anyone female bodied, it’s an insult born out of the desire to control, humiliate, and squash any form of agency or female power.  If you’re skeptical about this, I ask you- what is the first insult people fling at an unpopular female in the public eye?  How much more public vitriol is directed at her, than would be had she been born into a male body?

It’s the current rhetoric for many who are not yet involved with feminism to say, women have equality, but feminists know this is far from true.  You don’t have equality because the law says female bodied people can go to work, can study, and can sue for sexual harassment.  Equality is only gained when most of society accepts the idea female bodied lives matter.  That female bodied lives deserve respect as well as rights.

That’s why now, more than ever, when we live in an age where there is a horrific backlash against the small gains female bodied people have made in our struggle for equality – we need feminism.  And we need to unify and take radical action rather than just tweeting empowering stuff, liking feminist Facebook posts and trying to “talk” to our oppressors- if we want to see radical, genuine, and lasting societal change.

Power is never given.  It is only gained when it is demanded.  As feminists we would do well to remember that and make it one of the central tenets of our attack strategy.